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Second opinion and laboratory testing


Contraceptive counselling

In Slovenia, we have a wide range of different types of protection (contraception).

To choose the right contraceptive, you will need an interview and an examination. 

We explain the side effects and precautions when taking the treatment.

Counselling for menopausal problems

Problems may manifest as mood swings, difficulty concentrating and focusing, chronic fatigue, frequent urinary infections, sexual problems, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.

Before starting therapy, an interview and examination are carried out to determine which blood tests are needed.

We explain the side effects and precautions to take when taking the therapy.

Second opinion

We explain the findings and advise on additional treatments.

We offer interpretation of results and interventions. Explain different treatment options for specific problems.

The explanation is based on the attached reports and (optional) examination carried out by us.

Laboratory tests

  • Basic analysis of urine and blood
  • Tumor indicators: Ca 125, CEA, Ca 19-9, Ca 15-3
  • Hormonal analysis: FSH, LH, prolactin, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone-total, testosterone-free, DHEAs, TSH, FT3, FT4, anti TPO, anti TG, cortisol, AMH
  • Pregnancy hormone (beta HCG)
  • Mandatory laboratory tests during pregnancy
  • Microbiological tests: pathogenic bacteria, sexually transmitted diseases, (sample collection also possible in men)
  • Histological and cytological examinations
  • NeoBona
  • BRCA+16

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Counseling telephone

Telephone consultation is also possible,

by prior arrangement.

The telephone consultation lasts up to 15 minutes and costs 30€.